Management of urgent and complex situations

Management of urgent and complex situations

An unexpected or unprecedented situation is always unsettling for an organization because it creates chaos within its operations. Our multi-specialist team, composed of experts in risk and crisis management, prepares you, trains you, and provides you with the tools to face complex situations.

Preparing executive teams to manage urgent and complex situations

The training of different leaderships within the same structure is a priority in the preparation phase of time-sensitive management. This training aims to:

  • Strengthen the managerial skills;
  • Build a collective methodology.

Accompaniment in upgrading your crisis management system

ATRISC is at your side to evaluate the management system of complex situations in your organization.
Through inputs and trainings for the optimal use of the various tools and processes, this accompaniment results in a human and organizational action plan well suited to your realities and to your constraints.

Establishing of a crisis management unit

During an onsite emergency situation, operating the crisis management rests on the concepts of issue comprehension, pragmatism, and optimization tools.
Taking into account of your activity, ATRISC offers to incorporate the most effective operational practices into your approach.

Incident Command System

ATRISC is among the best worldwide experts of the lncident Command System (ICS), the American standard for crisis management. We we draw on its strengths to improve your system.

The role of social networks in crisis management

Social networks can harm as well as serve! To prevent them from impacting you, we train you to identify certain signals and then decode them. By controlling the operation of social networks you can:

  • Counteract a negative point;
  • Anticipate a complex situation;
  • Use them to resolve a crisis.

Customized offers

ATRISC has also designed modules that respond to specific features of both your organization and your activity.

  • AT leader : this training is exclusively dedicated to the members of the management team of SMEs and relies on the collective capacity of the team to take charge in an emergency situation.
  • Crisis exercises: these serve to test the operations of the crisis unit.
  • Field exercises: with these exercises, you can lead actions on the ground using provided emergency scenarios.
  • Specialized training: we offer intra- and inter- organizational training courses that respond to specific topics (stress, actions levered from new media, managerial fortitude, emotional management, etc.) in the management of complex situations.
  • Professional coaching: these courses are geared toward people in particular occupations, such as the directors of internal operations in industry or even elected officials of territorial communities.