Reliability of organizations and risk management

Reliability of organizations and risk management

To ensure that the crisis is not triggered! The reliability of an organization is never the result of chance: on the contrary, it is cultivated on a daily basis. ATRISC guides you in establishing effective practices based on effective and mindful human and organizational management.

Initiating a culture of risk management by individuals

The individuals and their interactions are at the heart of our approach to management. By being involved and empowered:

  • The individual/team becomes a stakeholder of the organization’s risk management;
  • The individual/team participates in identifying ways to improve.

Valuing lessons learned

This approach relies on the following principle: improvement is a result of the experience acquired and the errors that have occurred. Because of this, ATRISC offers training and guidance on how to facilitate lessons learned. It is a question of:

  • Allowing free speech;
  • Not penalizing the error;
  • Building up measures to exploit the experience.

Creating a culture of constant training

ATRISC offers exercises and practice situations that aim to foster skill development while also creating a training system that can be driven by your own managerial resources. We coach the trainers in situational scenarios within the company.

Developing an attitude of anticipation and vigilance

How can you avoid having to manage an emergency situation?
 By detecting and discussing in advance, through weak signals and intuitions, the circumstances potentially at risk. 
ATRISC trains you on how to encourage the whole staff to enact this culture of vigilance.

Strengthening competencies for at-risk sites

To optimize the professional efficiencies of your organization, ATRISC presents techniques for new and innovative learning.
 Accordingly, our method of training:

  • is only focused on the skills essential to the activity of your organization;
  • puts the trainee at the heart of the training.

Specialized offerings

ATRISC has also designed modules that meet the specific features of your organization.

  • Diagnosis of vulnerability: is your organization able to anticipate the elements and factors contributing to a crisis, and to face them?
  • Change programs for improving your organizational reliability.
  • Specialized training: tools and guidance to lead a debriefing or develop managerial fortitude.
  • Professional coaching: the process of managing risks in public and cultural institutions, guidance in developing emergency plans in industry, and preparation of intervention teams.